United States is the biggest market for golf tees with over millions of Americans actively playing. In terms of golf courses, there are around 17 670 in U.S while UK only have around 2750 golf courses according to Wikipedia. This has made the U.S to become a prime market for online golf tee shops.

There are many types of golf tees today and it depends which type you are looking for. You can for instance choose between wholesale, plastic, long tees and wooden tees to name a few. You have to ask yourself – what kind of quality do you require? Also, if living in U.S or going to American for holiday, then you should buy tees there – way cheaper than in UK. Here, there are many places selling tees and I would say you can still get great deals directly from U.S if buying in bulk. Alternatively, try with eBay and Amazon which both usually have many of the cheapest golf tees on the web.